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Remember when the commissioner, the league and the odds all seemed to be against the New England Patriots this season?

The Tom Brady Deflategate suspension. The season-ending injury to Gronk. The Pats defied the odds all season in finishing as the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Now, believe it or not, they’re looking at the easiest path to the Super Bowl.

Half the teams in the AFC playoffs — the Raiders, Dolphins and Texans — are heading into the playoffs with backup quarterbacks due to injuries. As for the second-seeded Chiefs and third-seeded Steelers, the Pats have to worry about facing only one of them.

“There’s only two (AFC) teams that can possibly beat New England: Pittsburgh and Kansas City. They (potentially) play each other,” Colin Cowherd said on “Speak For Yourself” on Tuesday. “So New England only has to beat one good team. Not even a great team.”

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, have a much tougher road as the top seed in the NFC.

“Dallas could face not only the three leading MVP candidates, (Aaron) Rogers, (Matt) Ryan and Brady, they could face the two best cultures in the NFL: New England, Green Bay,” Cowherd said. “…They could also face three of the best coaches: (Mike) McCarthy, Pete Carroll and (Bill) Belichick. It’s not just they’re facing good teams; Dallas would have to beat the best quarterbacks, the best cultures, the hottest teams. Between Green Bay, Atlanta and New England, they’ve won 17 straight games. There’s no way Dallas wins the Super Bowl.”

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